Sosuke Aoshima (Director)

used to work as a dining director of Michel Bras Toya Japon, and then joined L’Effervescence to direct the people in the dining with Zen mind.

Zacchari Touchane (Maitre d’hotel)

has been working for Japanese restaurant in London. moved to Japan and joined L’Effervescence. THE icon of the dining room. follow him and enjoy life behind the scene on instagram:

Yasuko Takada (Receptionist)

used to be the vending manager of one of the best pastry shops in Tokyo. Her hospitality & knowledge of sweets are outstanding.

Akio Matsumoto (Head sommelier)

worked at classic styled French restaurants. Calm & quiet looking with a burning heart inside.

Motohiro Okoshi (Wine director)

used to be a sommelier at long-established French restaurant in Tokyo for 12 years.
The first professional “Wine Taster” in Japan. keeps travelling all over the world and became our wine director.

Hayato Hirose (Head Chef)

used to work for NARISAWA (former Les creations de NARISAWA),
joined L’Effervescence to become MC of the kitchen and leading the team with a big smile.

Chihiro Naito (Sous Chef)

a chef from the very beginning of L’Effervescence.R&D around fermentation, wild herbs and so on. Mr. Almighty.

Rie Otani (Pastry Chef)

after worked as Pastry Chef of renowned Quai Montebello in Osaka, joined L’Effervescence and surprises international guests by magical Japanese touches.